Our Brands

Anaesthetics and Critical Care


Argon DTX Plus™ Disposable Pressure Transducer Sets are designed for ease of use and minimal wavelength distortion.Argon Safedraw™ Safe Arterial Blood Sampling Systems significantly reduce unnecessary blood discard and blood spillage, thereby reducing the risk of iatrogenic anaemia and cross contamination to patients and staff.Argon Gabarith™ Certified Sets use total haemodynamic chain concept to offer the opportunity for improved haemodynamic accuraccy. Both Argon DTXPlus™ and Argon Safedraw™ sets are available with Gabarith™ total chain concept certification.

Exergen Corp

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer - Changing The Way The World Takes Temperatures

The 37° Company

The 37° Company offers the complete package for Patient Temperature Management. Products include the Fluido® Blood and Fluid Warming IV system, theFluido® Irrigation system for surgical irrigation and the Thermoflect range.

Timesco Healthcare

Quality range of laryngoscope blades and modern, ergonomically designed handles including Shakerscope, ION and Single Use Skin handles.


At Intrubrite, we've had a unique opportunity to learn what customers really desire in video laryngoscope devices through their real-world experiences. Simply put, they want familiar, easy to use, reliable and economical equipment that features state-of-the-art technology, and the full solution to their needs hasn't existed. Until now...

Connect-EZY Breathing Circuits

A comprehensive range of circuits in various lengths and configurations compatible with all commonly used Anaesthesia Machines and Ventilators.

Resus-EZY Resuscitators & Accessories
The Resus EZY range of manual Resuscitators have been designed in Australia for Australian conditions. We have a large range of manual resuscitators  to suit the varing needs of our customers.  

Opti-Gard patient eye protector - protection of patient's eyes during prolonged surgical procedures.

Gertie Marx Spinal Needles

The Gertie Marx pencil point spinal anesthesia needle was specially designed to deliver a faster CSF flow to patients undergoing spinal anesthesia than other leading needles.

Bluepoint Medical

The ultra-compact, ergonomic design of CapnoTrue® combines outstanding performance and reliability in mainstream or sidestream CO2 and SpO2 monitoring.