CoreMed Acquisition

We are excited to announce we have further expanded our ENT product offerings through the purchase of CoreMed Pty Ltd.

As a result of this acquisition, we have been able to bolster our portfolio with a vast range of ENT products from many suppliers. Of particular focus for our experienced ENT team are the SPIGGLE & THEIS Medizintechnik GmbH ENT range of products including the TubaVent Dilation Catheter, the Trachealator™ Balloon Dilatation device, and a range of reusable and disposable instruments.

We are pleased to have Leigh Provis on board with us as our National Product Manager for the Spiggle & Theis range. Leigh has put her heart and soul into the Spiggle & Theis products for the past 15 years, and we can continue the combined strength of InterMed and CoreMed ENT in Australia and New Zealand.